I’ve lived with a stuffed closet for a long time because I have two vices: buying inexpensive clothes and never parting with them. Kelly helped me go through item by item to pare down to a much more manageable wardrobe. Only items that have true fashion value stay. I can see exactly what my style is and where I need to add to my wardrobe with trends and long-term investment pieces. The KonMari organizational system has become very helpful-especially when packing. It took minutes to pack for a vacation: not only can I see everything, but I love everything that’s in front of me. Kelly helped me see my fashion potential!

Dahlia | Houston, Texas | Realtor


Kelly did an amazing job helping me reorganize my closet. As a busy mom of 2 boys, I really needed someone to help me get organized and to help me figure out what items I should keep and which I should donate, etc. She is so knowledgeable and helpful and extremely easy to work with. Now that my closet is organized, we will be working together to shop for new pieces to add to my existing wardrobe. I highly recommend her services!

Kelle  | Houston, Texas | Stay-at-Home Mom


Working with Kelly has been a true joy! From our initial consultation, she set me at ease and made me feel like we were long-time, trusted friends. She helped me define a personal style (something I never even contemplated before) and patiently walked me through choosing wardrobe pieces that make sense for my style, body shape, and personality. Kelly strikes the perfect balance of listening to my ideas and providing her own guidance with confidence. Now when I walk into my closet, the feeling is no longer, “Ugh, what do I wear today?” but “I love every one of these options!”

Holly | Houston, Texas | Non-Profit Fundraising Consultant


Working with Kelly was a fun and very rewarding experience that was not the least bit intimidating. My wardrobe needs to span my kids' school events, work events and social events. I have lots of fun clothes but was stuck in a rut of wearing the same thing over and over and wasn't completely sure how I could go from the classroom to the boardroom with what I owned. Kelly helped me pare down my wardrobe and say goodbye to clothes that were too old or not the perfect fit. Kelly also suggested some key pieces I should purchase to round out my wardrobe. It was tailored to my life, my body type and my price range. After we emptied my closet, talked about my clothes and tried on lots of things, Kelly carefully organized what was left and hung everything back up. Now my closet is a calm, organized and fun space. I find myself walking into my closet multiple times a day, and I enjoy getting dressed. I've received compliments on my outfits every day since we worked together, and I'm wearing things I already own! It even inspired me to organize other spaces in my house. 

Dawn | Houston, Texas | Non-Profit Fundraising Consultant


Using Kelly’s technique will certainly save me money, time and energy in the future. Now I have a selection of clothes and accessories in my closet that really suit me, my style and my size. I was able to let go of things I never wore, and now I can learn from that lesson. Moving forward, I hope to have confidence in my purchases instead of buying something just because it is on sale. No more burden of what to wear or how to wear it. I can now enjoy selecting from my own personalized boutique made especially for me in the privacy of my new, updated, organized closet.

Stephanie | Houston, Texas


A fun and eye-opening afternoon of personal shopping by Kelly Gartner was the perfect approach to elevate my look. She helped me find somewhere new to shop with everyday faves and cute on-trend styles. I got some great pieces! They are good quality and a good variety of statement and simple, black/white and pops of color. As I continue adding pieces I’ll make good use of what I’ve learned about dressing for my shape and color palette, creating a waist, pairing patterns, and more. Thanks again Kelly, you’ve been a great help!

Sara | Houston, Texas