When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you accomplish great things. Let’s get your wardrobe where it needs to be so you can embrace each day with confidence.

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Let’s talk about your closet. When you walk in, do you think, “Wow! Look at all these great options,” or do you wish it wasn’t cluttered with clothes, shoes, and accessories that aren’t as flattering as they should be?

Let’s change that. I want you to be excited every time you choose an outfit to wear. Your closet should be neatly organized and full of clothes that look good on you.

I understand that going through your closet can be an emotional process. I can help you identify why you are struggling with your wardrobe and give you the tools you need to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

The result will be a new, streamlined closet that will make getting dressed much easier. Plus, you will feel good about yourself because you’re wearing clothes that fit well and look great on you!

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You know the outfit you have that makes you feel fantastic? Shouldn’t every outfit you wear make you feel that way? I vote yes!

I’ll start by determining your body type so we can find clothes that flatter your shape. Next, I'll take a look at your skin tone so we can decide which colors look best on you. Finally, we’ll discuss the styles you like so we know the type of clothing that makes you happy.

Then, of course, we shop! I’ll take you to my go-to stores for the basics, and then we’ll hit my favorite boutiques for those one-of-a-kind pieces that make your wardrobe unique, all within your budget.

personal styling services in houston


And now the fun part - styling you from head to toe! I will show you how to mix and match your new clothes with your existing wardrobe, including shoes and accessories, creating outfits that express your personality and individual style. 

I realize that keeping track of your new combinations might be a challenge, so I'll create an online closet that will include photos of the items in your wardrobe and the outfits we've put together. It will serve as a reminder of the various ways to style all the pieces, and who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with a few ideas on your own.

In addition to pictures of the clothes, shoes, and accessories in your closet, I will make recommendations for things to add to your wardrobe (with shoppable links) and create outfits with old and new pieces. With your new online closet, getting dressed will be a breeze!

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