If you love fashion, you’re in the right place.

I have always enjoyed shopping and putting outfits together. Some of my earliest memories are of looking for that perfect first-day-of-school dress, which I wore with white knee socks and black patent leather Mary Janes.

When I was old enough to shop by myself, I spent hours browsing the stores in the Galleria - Laura Ashley and Lord & Taylor were two of my favorites. In high school, madras shirts, khaki pants, and twisty beads were staples in my wardrobe - I followed The Official Preppy Handbook to a T.

I also loved to help my friends and family clean out and organize their closets. Then we’d go shopping at their favorite stores, and I’d help them pick out new clothes, shoes, and accessories. The moment when my mom, sister, or best friend tried on something that made her eyes sparkle was golden - it’s a great feeling to watch someone find her style and see herself in a new light.

Here’s the great thing about being fashionable: when you wear clothes that enhance your features, you project confidence and radiate happiness; this in turn affects every aspect of your life. I would love to help you make that transformation.